CRAE Membership Experience

Our Members consist of individuals and families with varying backgrounds and degrees of wealth management experience. The Group includes Members with long histories of active wealth management, others with recent liquid wealth realization as a result of an exit event and every level in-between. In all instances, our Members bring extraordinarily diverse skill sets, backgrounds, investment goals, risk tolerance, strategies, and relationships.

The common element is the extreme drive to improve in every aspect of wealth management. Each Member takes away knowledge and practical information from PEERS whom they must trust and respect. Knowledge gain is directly proportional to participation levels.

CRAE holds Group meetings to discuss strategies, topics, and ideas. These meetings include special topics covering current events or other hot topics. In parallel, information is exchanged on an as needed basis when investment opportunities arise or current events warrant decision making discussions,  via email, zoom and phone conversations.

Our Members have expertise and experience in the following industries:


  • Real Estate

  • Healthcare

  • Investment Banking

  • Private Equity

  • Manufacturing


  • Consumer Goods

  • Distribution

  • Technology

  • Hospitality

  • Corporate Leadership

The BLEND Approach

We add value to high net worth individuals and their families through a BLENDED approach to investing:


We actively compile portfolio percentages and trends to discuss within the Group, so that Members can see, learn, and benefit from the collective thoughts and trends of the Group.



The Group pools purchasing power to get the best fees, loan rates, and returns possible for all Members. Individually our power is significant, as a Group our numbers are truly impressive. We use this collective presence to gain access to otherwise inaccessible investments with agreement from Group Members.



By sharing the thoughts and actions of many, including our collective 3rd party managers, Members are better equipped to make informed investing decisions.



Members are encouraged to engage and make new connections, as well as share professional connections with the Group. We bring together a variety of high net worth individuals and families for formal and informal discussions, as well as influential speakers from government and large firms.


Due Diligence

We conduct initial reviews and screening of new investment ideas before extensive discussion at the group level. Comprehensive due diligence is then conducted if decided at the group level.


We place the utmost care into building knowledge with our Membership, interacting within the group, providing extensive and important research to all Members, and over-delivering on all of our promises.