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Code of Conduct

CRAE Investment Management Group is a unique community of high net worth individuals and families that come together to discuss investing trends and opportunities. We meet to address various investments, their implications for our portfolios, and how we can best direct our wealth to fulfill our goals. These meetings occur in formal and informal settings, always highly confidential, providing our Members with various opportunities to expand their knowledge and explore investing ideas without the risk of feeling “exposed.”


Our Members come from various professional backgrounds; some of our Members are retired, enjoying CRAE Group meetings to help increase their living standards in retirement, while some are still active professionals, using CRAE to keep their earnings and wealth in line for their families and for retirement.


In addition to discussing investment ideas and options with one another, we work together to get better advisory rates from our advisors & managers, better rates on loans, and all-around better returns on investments. We network to offer beneficial connections to the Group, such as lawyers and tax accountants, and even meet to enhance business for each other.

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