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Estate Planning & Taxes

Estate Planning

Even the most successful investment portfolio is only one part of your financial picture, albeit an important one. Savvy investing can grow your assets, but what about protecting them from litigation or estate taxes?


Most successful families have implemented extensive planning and are surrounded by top advisors. However, even the best planning strategies are often done piecemeal, potentially leaving costly gaps and overlaps resulting in unnecessary taxes and a plan that does not achieve desired goals.


Have you ever wondered?
  • Have I utilized and leveraged my tax exemptions in the most effective manner possible?

  • Have I structured my assets in manner that will effect the most favorable estate tax valuation?

  • Have I structured my assets such that future growth can have limited exposure to taxation?

  • Do the trusts I created have the most effective provisions?

  • Life insurance products, often used to address estate taxes, are continually being modified and re-priced. How can I be sure that my insurance portfolio is optimal for my needs?

  • How does my planning compare to that of my peers?

  • How can I be sure that my plan is being appropriately maintained?

CRAE can help you select an estate planning professional and liase for successful implementation.



CRAE utilizes external tax advisors to professionaly address the complicated universe of taxes.


CRAE can assist in introduction to professional firms for:


  • Tax Planning and Execution:

  • Due diligence on tax efficient strategies

  • Implementation/execution

  • Income and expense maintenance

  • Quarterly tax calculations and payments

  • Partnership tax returns

  • K-1 preparation

  • Individual tax returns


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