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The BLEND Approach

We add value to high net worth individuals and their families through a blended approach to investing:


We actively compare portfolio progress between Members and to the markets, so that Members can see, learn, and benefit from each other.



The group pools resources to get the best fees, loan rates, and returns possible for all Members, as well as opening access to previously restricted investments.



By constantly sharing research from a multitude of sources (Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Bloomberg, and various tax accountants and estate planners), all Members are able to make informed investing decisions.



Members are encouraged to mingle and make new connections, as well as share professional connections with the group. We bring together a variety of high net worth individuals for formal and informal discussions, as well as influential speakers from government and large firms.


Due Diligence

We place the utmost care into building membership, interacting within the group, providing extensive and important research to all Members, and over-delivering on all of our promises.

CRAE Personal Investing Rules
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